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We believe that every business must eventually transform for tomorrow in order to seize the opportunities waiting. Maintaining legacy systems with built-in features is no longer enough – total transformation is required.

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While some organisations will survive for now with digital add-ons and running legacy and digital technologies side by side, the forward-thinking unions will move straight to reinventing at their root. We understand that future advantage will come from creating new value from digital technologies and digitally enabled business models, not from trying to protect current value in existing business models. Are you ready to transform for tomorrow? The time is now.

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Create New Value From Digital Technologies And Digitally Enabled Business Models

Legacy systems are full of slow paper processes and complicated, unnecessary steps.

Legacy Systems

  • Hard to buy.
  • Hard to set up.
  • Hard to use.
  • Hard to own.

Union Operating System (OS)

  • Easy to buy.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to own.

We are more skeptical than ever. Are TPA’s and running legacy and digital technologies side by side still the best way to serve our brothers and sisters? Now is our opportunity to do things differently.

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It’s All About Making The Process As Easy As Possible For Everyone.

Members' and managers' day-to-day activities are easy and efficient. Staff are able to work at a higher level, serving members better instead of wasting time printing, copying and inputting data while our customer service team is available for them whenever they need a helping hand. Reduce your risk and start saving money by eliminating the use of paper and provide transparency to members when it comes to their retirement.


Get a system that runs smoothly, no tech knowledge required.


Reduce risk and start saving money while eliminating the use of paper.


You already have the right team, now get them working the right way.


Save members 30% back into their pension just by upgrading and simplifying.

We Optimize For Your Plan With Your Rules, Your Employers And Your Members.

Implement 50+ years of plan rules in a process that’s verifiable – every contribution from every employer for every member goes right into the plan, 100% verified and accurate, down to the penny. Reduce the human interaction and you reduce the human error.

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Union.Dev Client
Union.Dev Client
Union.Dev Client
Union.Dev Client
Union.Dev Client
Union.Dev Client
Pension Reporting System (PRS)

Robust enough for a pension expert and intuitive enough for a beginner, PRS combines ease of use with the power you need to efficiently manage your pension data and report it to your members.

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Pension Payment Management

Union.dev's Pension Payment Management applications allows your benefits department to handle all of the payment calculations, processing and payment fulfillment for your retirees.

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Dispatch System

A custom dispatch system based on the process of your union. You no longer need to purchase an out of the box dispatch system that does “most things right”. Get everything you need out of a fully custom dispatch system.

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Accounting System

Automate accounting processes for greater efficiency and accuracy. Track and report on business performance with real-time financial data.

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Online Training & Apprenticeship

A platform for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs.

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Membership Management

Fully integrated with Union.dev® applications. Pay dues online and eliminate the need to process payments manually, bid for jobs, update member information, and built to your specification.

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Member Portal

Customize membership levels and automate renewals Save hours with automatic database updates in real time And allow members to update their own details in their member profile.

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Website Hosting/ Integration

We'll make sure your site is updated quickly and effectively, whether we designed it or not. Easily adding short-term promotions, daily updates and other content changes.

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Health & Welfare Hour Banking

This application offers over 120 reports to help you manage payments, members and more. Build your Own Reports giving you the flexibility of customizing a report for your needs.

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Collective Bargaining Agreements

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Coming soon...


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Document Management

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You Get:

  • Auditability
  • Accuracy
  • Proof
  • Security

Verifiable by:

  • Lawyers
  • Actuaries
  • Accountants
  • Any 3rd Party

"...and it’s twelve times faster! It takes 1 week from initial request to a completed retirement. We have created this software for unions, and made it easy for members and managers to use."

-Randy Ansems, CEO

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Don’t settle for the traditional options of serving your members and administering your pension plan. No more TPAs and no more long paper based retirement cycles. Take the first step today.

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