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We create customized, user-friendly, professional management and administration software for unions across the globe.


Pension Software by Union.Dev


Get Cost

Pension management costs unions million of dollars every year, our software may cut this cost by 67%.


Create More Unionized Jobs

Give your unions the means to employ union members rather than outsourcing to over-priced TPAs with Union.Dev software.


Provide Better Member

Increase efficiency within the union with less delay time when relaying information through multiple touch points.


More Money for Pensioners

We can help unions put $100 in each members' pension - every year.


Cutting Costs while increasing efficiency is hard, makes it easy.

Make sure your data is organized in one place. Union management just got a lot easier.

Pension Software by Union.Dev

logoHow It Works

With your help Union.Dev will gather and clean data from all sources, as well as clarify and simplify plan rules. You will work along side us to get all your custom needs met. We will code, import and test every process and procedure you require. But don't worry - if it sounds like a lot of work, you don't have to do any of it! That's what we are here for.
Union.Dev will train you and your team how to use your process with the new software. You will have the ability to use your software for vesting, breaks in service, rate changes over time, apply eligibility criteria, legal and plan specific rules, apply different member transitions, reciprocation, statements and reporting, and even payment processing. We will run parallel and test extensively to ensure that everything is on track.
Union.Dev helps trade union business mangers save money and contribute that money to each members’ pension every year by helping them modernize their technology. With this new technology, you can cut costs, increase efficiency, reduce risk and maintaining better records. Run reports, reconcile, update files, and easily improve and update systems and processes as you go.
ADD $30,000

Working people deserve a good pension at retirement.

Our Pension Reporting System can save unions enough money to put an additional $30,000 in every members pension at retirement.

You shouldn’t have to wait 45-60 days to process a retirement or transition. If your members want to retire, there is no reason they should have to wait months while it is processed via snail mail.
Union management can be disorganized. With our pension, member, learning and accounting data all in one place, it is easy. As a president or business manager, you will have all of your members and union data at your fingertips. All in one platform.

You work hard for your pension. Don’t waste it away on overpriced Third Party Administrators that want to drag out the process to up their billable hours.


Today’s Members Expect More

They want all their data at their fingertips, and they want it all the time. They want quick and easy transitions and seamless communications to their device, not snail mail.


Union.Dev Pension Reporting Software
Union.Dev Pension Reporting Software
Union.Dev Pension Reporting Software

We Work for Multi-Employer Trade Union Pension Plans

Union.Dev Client
Union.Dev Client
Union.Dev Client
Union.Dev Client
Union.Dev Client
Union.Dev Client

What Can I Expect From My Demo?

You will have the chance to chat one-on-one with your pension specialist and they will give you the grand tour of the pension system and how powerful and impactful of a tool it can be to your union.


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Register for a Demo

Get your demo and a one-on-one conversation with your new pension specialist. You will have your own login to play around and test out the system, and then your pension specialist can take you through and show you how powerful and impactful the system can be for your union.

Letter of Intent & NDA

Once you have been wow'ed by the software and have chosen to continue, there will be a letter of intent and an NDA agreement put in place to make sure you are comfortable throughout this process.

Demo Overview with Key Members

You will then get a comprehensive overview of the software for your entire team (IT, accountant, union manager, etc.) so that everyone is on the same page.

The Proposal

Once the comprehensive overview with the whole team has been done and we have all talked about your wants and expectations for the software, we will then draft a proposal for your acceptance.

Formal Agreement & Kick Off

If you decide to proceed, the proposal will be signed and accepted and a Formal Agreement will be drawn up. Once that is done we can get started on this new adventure together!