• “ We would not be able to do the work we do for our customers without the PRS (Pension Reporting System) from union.dev. ”

  • “ The software is far more advanced than anything else we have ever seen in the market. ”

  • “ With their API our software integrate seamlessly with PRS (Pension Reporting System). ”


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About Union.Dev

We have been delivering pension reporting service software for nearly 10 years now.

All of our software is built from scratch using the latest programming technologies, cloud computing and MS Azure hosting.

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We'd love to connect, chat and discuss your needs. We work with both TPAs and Unions. Our software solutions are second-to-none.

Email :  kevin@union.dev

Skype : ransems

Why Choose Us

Nearly half our team are trained professional accountants. Heck, even our project manager is a Chartered Professional Accountant.

We understand the needs of your accounting team, the department and the difficulties that a new accounting package can provide to a team. We've been doing this for years. With our best practices and your cooperation, we  make the switch smoothly and precisely. 

Separate but similar. We use modern technology, a modern database, running on a windows server and windows based network. We make sure everything is secure, while being robust to do one's job. Modular and granular security profiles within the accounting package provides the peace of mind your team can do their job easily. Your IT team will find it easy to support and maintain. We guide you, or do it for you. Your choice.

While you have the option of opting out of annual payroll update, we support Canadian payroll right out of the box. Automatic calculation of provincial and federal deductions, including EI, QPP and CPP.  We provide cheque printing or direct deposit supporting unlimited employees. We also make it easy to pay pensioners monthly, termination via cheques or direct deposit. Making your life easier.

Starting with an easy to use purchase order system you can maintain reporting and control for all of your expenses. Highlight data throughout based on presets for specific members, vendors or groups of people and companies. This is especially helpful to support special and sensitive cases throughout the payment and support cycle. It's integrated in the PRS. If a member retires we can have the first payments setup immediately, and if late hours come in, the system reflects the new payments, based upon the late hour rules in PRS.


How we work

Accounting conversions are never fun, but we've done plenty to make your life easier. Finish up your end, or a form month end and we will import all export-ready and available data. Setup new processes, integrate with other software and train you to be ready for go-live.

1 Export
2 Import
3 Reconcile
& Run Parallel
4 Train and
Go Live

Email : kevin@union.dev 

Union.Dev | A Modern Pension Reporting System

Union and Pension Accounting

Automate accounting processes for greater efficiency and accuracy. Track and report on fiscal performance with real-time financial data. Integrate with other systems and simplify the back-office accounting for money in, money out, and pension payments over time.  

Synchronize Reporting

Unions have a lot of financial needs. From membership dues, to retirees needing monthly payments, delinquency reports to termination payments. Keeping the books balanced and reporting to your board. Maintaining and reporting actuarial valuations for the future health of your funds. It's complex, but a great accounting package can make this simple for your financial team. 

Modern Software

We use a modern client/server architecture for security and on-premise management. Our software boasts comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API), which allows third-party developers to easily read and write accounting data, securely, properly and with full audit built in.


No problem. We have it fully integrated and easy to maintain. Automatic calculation of provincial and federal deductions, including EI, QPP and CPP. Supports cheque printing or direct deposit supporting an unlimited a number of employees.


Union.Dev was created to help bring unions and their members into the new modern world of instant access to important information, securely. Since the software has been created it has supported over 88,000 people in over 10 Canadian Locals.

Unions are increasingly saving on outsourcing costs and putting it back into the members pensions.

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