• “ We would not be able to do the work we do for our customers without the PRS (Pension Reporting System) from union.dev. ”

  • “ The software is far more advanced than anything else we have ever seen in the market. ”

  • “ With their API our software integrate seamlessly with PRS (Pension Reporting System). ”


Note: Our testimonial names are real, the images are not.


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About Union.Dev

We have been delivering pension reporting service software for nearly 10 years now.

All of our software is built from scratch using the latest programming technologies, cloud computing and MS Azure hosting.

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Recent News

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  • IBEW 625 to launch a new website and member portal using Union.Dev software.

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We'd love to connect, chat and discuss your needs. We work with both TPAs and Unions. Our software solutions are second-to-none.

Email :  kevin@union.dev

Skype : ransems

Why Choose Us

We think about membership and relationships a little different than many off-the-shelf CRMs. Ours is specifically designed for union and TPA relaitionship needs. We understand your business is different than many, if not all. Your uniqueness is not lost on us, that's why we've built some great features that allows you and your team to do more with less.

During our needs analysis and implementation we can customize different screens and reports to reflect the subtleties of the way you do business. We believe you should not need to change your process to reflect software, but the software should adapt to reflect and assist you to be more efficient and more effective.  We do have a lot of best practices as standard fare, but many times your uniqueness needs to be maintained. We can do that with our CRM.

What if every member could be communicated with in the manner they prefer? Someone might want all of their correspondence mailed to them? No problem. Some prefer email. No problem. Younger, more phone savvy members want to get texts. No problem. One message, formatted to fit the platform of the member's choice, with one send click? Not out of the realm of possibilities. Why not get what you want so you can serve your members the way they want. Want to know about all of the history you and your different teams have interacted with the member? It's now all in one place with CRM.

Single sign on enables access to the CRM self serve communication preferences. With the integration into our accounting, LMS and website, all CRM related changes such as address changes, new mobile phone numbers, email preferences, etc can all be maintained by the member. If someone calls in, or other data gets updated in another connected system, the CRM maintains the link and updates the member's details automatically. API integration and intelligent workflow allows this to be synchronized in real time. Find out more by requesting a demo. 

Our relationship and integration with one of the leading cloud email providers (Rackspace - Mailgun) may make you eligible for up to 10,000 free emails per month. Text communication and email volume above the 10k limit will incur additional charges, but these fees are very low, and seem to be coming down in price and the technology improves, more competitors enter the market and companies providing the API interfaces to the delivery infrastructure become more customer centric. 


How we work

Converting from one of the big guys? We work with you to get all of the available data from all of your different sources into the CRM database to hit the ground running. Starting fresh? No problem, you probably have a great repository of data in outlook/gmail as well as existing accounting packages. Have an old legacy database, or some excel files? We can import them also, or you can as you go along.

1 Needs
2 Data
Gather & Import
3 Software
4 Train
& Go Live

Email : kevin@union.dev 

Union.Dev | A Modern Pension Reporting System

Membership Management - Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Members, customer, stakeholders, team members, etc. No matter what you call them your organization deals with people all the time. Management of these people and your relationship with them is much easier if all of the appropriate data is maintained in one place. It's even better if it's integrated with your training system (LMS) and your accounting package.  We give you the means to do so. 

Many ways to communicate

We've integrated some of the latest technologies in our CRM so you can maintain a relationship with everyone, without feeling overwhelmed. Email, texting, social connections as well as off line channels (think phone and snail-mail) can be maintained in one spot.

Unlimited Groups

Custom groups per user is easily organized can communicated to, but you can also have a number of demographic groups, as well as use-case groups. Some examples of these are suppliers, members approaching a certain age (55-64), trustees, past terminated members, delinquent employers, you name it, you can create a group and communicate with them as you need to.


Our CRM has a large number of standard CRM reports but because it is also integrated into our LMS, accounting, and PRS you can also get stats and reports from communication based upon different criteria pulled from the other systems. Email open, delivery, click reporting is baked in. Get the detailed analytics you need to plan better, serve better and maintain a better/stronger bond with different groups.