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Amazing Software = Self-Administration!

On our mission to provide unions access to the best software for self administration - to get rid of expensive TPAs (Third Party Administrators) we partner with, integrate with and train you on what we feel is the best software in the business. We help elevate your members services department and focus on ease of use, ease of understanding and reduction of complexity. Members self serve and Self-Administration is now not only possible, but cheaper, faster and with such an improved member experience you will wish you worked with us years ago.

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Pension and Health Benefits Self-Administration?

Yes. And integrated with all of our other modules.

We have been partnerig with MyBenetech for nearly 10 years now and have a lot of automatino and integratino so you and your members services team, your finance and accounting teams can rest easy when moving from a TPA, or upgrading from legacy systems. While some locals will continue to do "business as usual" have been revolutionizing the way locals bring the work in house and dump their existing TPA.

The total integration of the health and welfare, hour-banking, self serve portal, state of the art mobile application feature set, for multi-employer trade unions will surprise you how easy it is provide end-to-end service to your members.  We are able to integrate with some of the leading adjudication, claims management software and can enable virtually any benefit plan design or feature. Your own health canrd, your own mobile app? Yes, no problem.

Are you ready to transform yoru service delivery for tomorrow? 

Our partner service providers deliver a safe and secure system that can process real time prescription drugs and dental office claims submissions. Connected to 98% of all licensed pharmacies across Canada and 100% of all dental offices registered with the Canadian Dental Association (CDA net). 

Our system verifies an electronic claim submission to determine if it should be accepted, adjusted or rejected. The results are transmitted back to the pharmacy or dental office immediately. In Canada, it is always important to note that all Dental, Drug or Extended Health Care Services must be supplied and purchased in Canada to be eligible for payment.  All services and supplies must be prescribed in that appropriate medical field.  

If you need more help understanding how this benefit will help your group or how to add this to your plan, please contact us today.  We can definitely help you build a flexible product to meet your needs and within budget.

Direct Deposit, Member Self Serve

Give your union the edge.

Did you know the cost to produce a physical cheque and accompanying Explanation of Benefits can be as much as $7.00! When the cost of production, mailing, bank reconciliation, re-issues, stop-payments and time required to physically deposit the money in the bank is all factored in, the cost to produce and administer a physical cheque becomes a large expense for your health plan.

This expense can be dramatically reduced through the use of a Direct Deposit (or Electronic Fund Transfer) into your bank account for any payments through your health plan being paid to you as a result of manually submitted claims or claims submitted by a practitioner on your behalf. These funds are deposited to your account on the specified date and are immediately available to you. In addition your bank reconciliation process is greatly simplified. Get everything you need out of a fully customized, integrated system with


Our partnership with NexgenRx has partnered with Health Risk Services Inc., to offer stop loss catastrophic coverage seCUREme to our Plan Sponsors requiring stop loss insurance coverage while enjoying substantial savings by self-insuring their health benefit plans under Administrative Services Only (ASO) contracts with NexgenRx.

Stop Loss Insurance limits the Plan Sponsor’s liability for claims for any individual to an affordable level of risk. Protection can be provided against excessive losses for Drug expenses only or for Drug and Extended Health Care expenses combined.

Individual Stop Loss (Pooled Coverage) Individual Stop Loss limits the plan sponsor’s liability for each primary or dependant member covered under the plan to a predetermined amount selected by the sponsor. These limits, called attachment points, can be chosen in the following amounts: $10,000, $15,000, $20,000 or $25,000.

Under pooled coverage, recurring claims will be covered without fear of losing coverage or having the attachment point increased beyond reason in the following year for the same claimant. Statistics show once an individual incurs drug and/or medical expenses above the attachment point in any one year, there is a high probability that claims will recur at the same level or above in following years.

Note:  Rates for stop-loss are quoted by Health Risk Services Inc


Digital Transformation

Automated Communications.

Notification for overage dependents and underwriting requirements can be easily automated.



Our platform offers over 120 reports to help you manage payments, members and more. Build your Own Reports giving you the flexibility of customizing a report for your needs.



Our Benefit Management program is designed to reduce your administration time so that you can focus on other important member services areas.


Easy to Use

Whether you are managing 50 or 20,000 plans and a combination of Group Benefit plans, we bring everything you need to know into one place.

A custom Integrated Health Solution takes the tedious and confusing work out of the complexities of self- administration while saving you time and money. Having the member's health and benefits details at your fingertips.’s Integrated Health Solution makes sure you have the ability to be the best members services department. Understand, support, help.

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The Perfect Integrated Health Solution Your Union Demands!

Member statuses, health benefits status and pension status can be independently maintained, or integrated and flow through each system. For instance: when a member passes update one system and each of the other systems get notified by API (Application Programming Interface) so no manual intervention is required. Each module starts the necessary "death benefits procedure" automatically. Notification for the appropriate staff/administrator occurs immediately. You choose when, whom and how. We have many options to choose form. The fully integrated system reflects how you work, or even better - follow industry wide best practices.

Member Portal

Allow members to see their COB (Coordination of benefits), Hour Bank balances, months remaining estimates, dependents and beneficiary information. For the technically savvy and forward thinking local, you can allow members to update this information as well. Securely, 14h a day 7 days a week. Access to their benefits card, their benefit booklet details, utilizations per benefit category and even submit paper receipts for reimbursement. Integrate with your website, integrated with the pension portal self-serve, dispatch, membership management. All with one username and password. Members can use a browser, or download a mobile application for Android or Apple.

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Benefits Provided

Software Capabilities:

Benefits Supported (Including Flex Benefits)

  • Group Life
  • Optional Group Life
  • Dependent Group Life
  • Spousal Optional Life
  • Child Optional Life
  • AD&D
  • Voluntary AD&D
  • Spousal Optional AD&D
  • Health Care Spending Accounts
  • Child Optional AD&D
  • Health Care
  • Travel Accident
  • Dental Care
  • Weekly Indemnity
  • Long-Term Disability
  • Government Health
  • Supplemental Benefits (by Formula)
Automatic Calculations:
  • Effective Date calculated by Benefit
  • All Benefit Amounts and Limits
  • All Benefit Premiums and Totals
  • Retro Charges and Credits for Additions, Deletions etc.
  • Employee Contributions and Totals
  • Sales Tax (if applicable) by Employee and Client Totals
Automatic Benefit Control:
  • Benefits Added as Waiting period satisfied
  • Reduction of Benefits per Age Clauses
  • Termination of Benefits per Age Clauses
  • Totals Adjusted for Waiver of Premium on any Benefit
  • Benefits Held at Non-Evidence Max until Excess Approved
  • Benefits increased to Excess Levels when Approved
  • All U.I.C. Maximums Updated when Required

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Technology Transformation doesn’t happen overnight, and there’s often more than one squeaky wheel. When you’re searching for the right solution, we recommend working with an expert who understands what you’re going through and speaks your language. There’s no prep work required on your part. We’ll find a time that fits your schedule and take about 60 minutes to familiarize you with your current situation.

With the knowledge you gain, you’ll be better equipped to ask questions that are specific to your needs and environment. And with the knowledge we gain, we may be able to provide some solutions that will fit your needs.

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