• “ We would not be able to do the work we do for our customers without the PRS (Pension Reporting System) from union.dev. ”

  • “ The software is far more advanced than anything else we have ever seen in the market. ”

  • “ With their API our software integrate seamlessly with PRS (Pension Reporting System). ”


Note: Our testimonial names are real, the images are not.


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About Union.Dev

We have been delivering pension reporting service software for nearly 10 years now.

All of our software is built from scratch using the latest programming technologies, cloud computing and MS Azure hosting.

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Recent News

  • NexgenRx Announces Agreement to Acquire Two Benefit Administration Companies.

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  • IBEW 625 to launch a new website and member portal using Union.Dev software.

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We'd love to connect, chat and discuss your needs. We work with both TPAs and Unions. Our software solutions are second-to-none.

Email :  kevin@union.dev

Skype : ransems

Why Choose Us

We have partnered with our sister company Think Business Training to include nearly 100 courses of industry tested online learning for managers, supervisors, administrators and workers. These are practical skills you can acquire online to make you better at your job by being a better, smarter, more aware person. Softskills training delivery hard-results.

Different learning styles deserve different content. We all fall into different learning styles. By using the built in quizzing system (pre-test anyone?) you can determine every individual learners primary learning style and determine what type, length and content will be most appropriate for your primary audience. Have multiple cohorts who learn differently, now you can support them the way they prefer.

During setup and implementation we make it easy for content creators, managers and all members of you learning and development department (training department) to explore providing additional learning formats while not doing any additional work. Want to make it easier for users/students to learn more? To go deeper? Make additional levels of content and let them learn and explore their interests. 

Certificate tracking and compliance training is now a breeze. Setup course expirations, setup due dates, as well as pass rates for finals. We have it all.  Automated reminders for both instructions, managers and students. Simplifying your training department's training life-cycle for required training. Want to know who needs what and when? Our robust reports will make it easier to schedule upcoming classroom courses too. 

Integrated with your website, and accounting and CRM make it even easier to know what's going on with who. Need to rescheduled a class? Just change the date and accept the changes, if a member is already enrolled they are moved and notified of the change. If they do not accept the change (email or text) then a reminder is given to the instructor that the member may not be aware of the changes.  Keeping everyone on the same page. Instructors can log in and see their upcoming year. Students can see on the member portal what classes are coming up, and if they login (single sign-on enabled) they will be able to see what they've taken in the past, and see what required courses are looming in their near future.


How we work

Your courses and our courses will round out all of your members. Smarter members make better members. Support them with additional education. Take them to the next level. Hard skills and soft skills all under one roof, in one portal, all branded as your own.

1 Needs
2 Project
Plan Creation
3 Development
& Training
4 Go Live
& Ongoing Support

Email : kevin@union.dev 

Union.Dev | A Modern Pension Reporting System

Learning Management System (LMS)

Our learning management system (LMS) is built for the modern world. Mobile friendly, responsive design. we support multiple types of content: video, audio, text, downloadable documents, images and interactive content. Proven technologies that train union workers, managers and supervisors across the world. We have customers in other industries such as nurses and doctors, CPAs (accountants) as well as small businesses, associations, private training firms and governments throughout Canada.

Perfect Design

The LMS is known for its elegant, yet powerful user interface for learners and administrators alike. Easy to use, easy to navigate, easy to learn.

Power & Ease

Administrators have the power to create chapters, sections and pages with no coding skills required – to produce unparalleled learner experiences.

Unique to our LMS

Support personalized learning paths for every learner. We call it 3-D learning as users get to choose when they want to 'go deeper' to learn more.