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We are currently working on an Apple and Android mobile app for all of the services and software we provide. We already integrate with NexgenRx's mobile app NexMobile. Members using NexPension PRS have access to the data from PRS on the Pension tab. 

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About Union.Dev

We have been delivering pension reporting service software for nearly 10 years now.

All of our software is built from scratch using the latest programming technologies, cloud computing and MS Azure hosting.

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  • IBEW 625 to launch a new website and member portal using Union.Dev software.

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We'd love to connect, chat and discuss your needs. We work with both TPAs and Unions. Our software solutions are second-to-none.

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Skype : ransems

Pricing Table

Each product we support and sell has different per user, per member and sometimes additional fees for hosting, depending o nyour preferences and needs. While we try to be as transparent as possible for each product and each client engagement. Pricing can also vary on membership levels for active vs retired vs teminated categories (for instance).

Web Plan

$99Per Month*
  • Unlimited pages/storage
  • 5 Page Templates
  • Training & Setup
  • Single Sign On (Option)
  • Add $: Flat rate + monthly
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$499Per Month*/ea
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited Space
  • 10,000 free emails*
  • Add $: Setup + monthly
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$3000Per Month*
  • Unlimited status groups
  • Unlimited members/transactions
  • Actuarial calulator (option)
  • Transition packages & Workflow
  • Add $: Setup + per member
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$199Per Month*
  • Network setup
  • Conversion & Training
  • Payroll (option)
  • Annual agreement (option)
  • Add $: Setup + per user
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* Additional fees apply for setup, conversion and project management. All prices are listed low on purpose (to get you interested) and most implementations will cost more depending on your specific needs. We typically require a detailed needs analysis and project plan to be able to quote more accurately. We are typically not the lowest priced product in each category, but together we have the best solution for your needs. (TPA and Unions' alike)

* You agree to a mutually beneficial SLA and agree to work with us to make the implementation a success. Change is difficult, we need your help to make the change stick.

Choose Your Plan

We typically offer three options but can accomodate specific requests.


TPA/Union Option

To start a great relationship with us, pick one of the products you wish to start with. If you are satified with the process, the service and the product typically we can then enter into a stronger, better, deeper relationship. We learn about you as we go. So let's get started. Excellent starting products include: (1) Website or (2) LMS or (3) CRM


Union Option

Pension Reporting System replacement with or without accounting. This works well for Unions who are tired of outsourcing their pension management. typically paying way yo much and not having the control and relationship with the members they want. We can include CRM, LMS and Website on top of this and replace most/all of your outdated systems. OTTC


TPA Option

Wholesale option for TPAs. We license one or more software solutions to you at wholesale pricing with a contract for additional software and licensing (setup and customization extra). As you grow and acquire more business we set out specific price reductions (typically percentages, or per unit amounts) based upon the rack-rates we charge end customers.



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