Member Portal

Custom Member Portals – Built Directly Into Your Website

The cloud-based member portal that makes running your union, organizing jobs, scheduling training, and helping members from one place possible.

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Keep every piece of member data in one place

Transition Processing
One member file across all departments

No more data silos with multiple different systems or spreadsheets for managing members. Our system has one member file for one member with all of their data stored in one place. Making it easy for different departments within the union to access the data and perform the job they need to do.

Pension Calculations
No more spreadsheets

Every single spreadsheet you have with member data & every system you use that holds member data is imported into our platform. Automated processes are customized to your way of doing things. Say goodbye to weekly spreadsheets and welcome a modern, efficient way of managing members.

Based on your plan rules
Deliver the service your members want

Accommodate your members with flexible e-signatures, online payments, accounting integrations, communications (text & email) and more. Our Member Portal helps you with the moving parts of case management, so you can focus on your members.

Member Portal Features

One fully integrated platform eliminates data silos and simplifies the lives of everyone in the union hall. One member file per member is the system that makes everything run in unison. When an address is changed for a member, every department is instantly updated allowing everyone to work with the most accurate data possible.

Update Member Info

Easily update your information online. Change address, beneficiaries, communications preferences, and more!

Pay Dues Online

Pay dues online via bank transfer or credit card. Or set up automatic payments to set it and forget it.

View Past Statements & Communications

Never lose track of member statements or union messages with a full log of past statements and important union communications

Upload Documents & Signatures

Use shareable, online signup forms, e-signatures, and document automation to create a seamless experience for the member. A member can simply drag a document from their computer into the portal and the union has instant access.

For the Member

Job Board

Members are notified via text or email to jobs posted by the union. They can apply for jobs in the portal based on their skills & certifications tracked in the training module.


Keep members up to date on all necessary certifications and only auto notify them when they need to renew. Ensuring they never miss an opportunity for a job ever again. Take union courses, quizzes and tests online from the comfort of your own home.

Ticketing Help Desk

Any support needs can be requested through the ticketing portion of the portal. Notifying the union what that member needs help with and keeping a full audit log of past tickets.

For the Administrator

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Every detail about every member in an easy-to-use dashboard makes conversations with members intelligent and efficient with 24/7 access.
Track every development in our audit timeline and see who made what change and when. See new updates, document uploads, edits and more—so you can be on top of every detail as it happens.
Track the status of unpaid invoices, apply discounts, or add automated interest to late payments. Keep a full history of each members dues payments and give them a nudge when they are getting behind or remind them of any upcoming payments.
Compile member documents with easy-to-use templates built into the platform. Pull member information directly from their file and swiftly create member statements, mailouts, certificates and anything else you need.
Stay on top of your members with our communications module. Allowing admins to easily create communications sent to the members inbox, email and phone that look good and auto-populate fields based on the members info.
Any report you could ever imagine. The beauty of having all of the member info in one place means you can generate reports on literally everything. The system tracks it all, allowing you to pull reports from any level.
Take the tedious work out of job dispatch with an administrator portal, member access portal, a contractor portal, and email & text notifications. Allowing your dispatcher to post a job and communicate it with your member base instantly. Track who opened the messages and follow up with those who didn’t.
Easily set up online courses and send out invitations to members. Track progress, tests results, and certifications with online learning.
Simplify bookkeeping and payments, comply with trusted accounting regulations. Sync to our third-party accounting system.
Assign and track tasks with notifications built in. Report on task progress, identify roadblocks, and better manage productivity.

Fully Integrated – One System to Rule Them All

When a member makes a dues payment or renews a certification, their status is instantly updated and they once again have access to the relevant opportunities like job dispatch lists, online training courses, etc. The systems rule sets are built to mirror your unions rules, creating a seamless experience for the member and the administrators.

  • Receive around the clock support, industry-leading technology + security, access to and much more—at no extra cost.
  • Protect your clients’ information and firm’s data with industry-leading security.
  • Get exceptional customer support from a team that’s dedicated to your success
  • Our development team is constantly working on new features based on the feedback we receive from the unions we work with. Get instant access to these features as soon as we roll them out.