• “ We would not be able to do the work we do for our customers without the PRS (Pension Reporting System) from union.dev. ”

  • “ The software is far more advanced than anything else we have ever seen in the market. ”

  • “ With their API our software integrate seamlessly with PRS (Pension Reporting System). ”


Note: Our testimonial names are real, the images are not.


Why Choose Us

We have built over 100 websites. We not only deal with Unions and TPAs but we also do web development and portal integration for some of the world's largest brands. Such as the PGA Canada Atlantic - the association for professional golfer.

The world wide web has settled into a somewhat specific patter for navigation, content arrangement which has site visitors expecting a certain format, look and feel. Google has most recently started penalizing search results if a website is not mobile friendly as well as navigation friendly. So why not use our CMS to maintain your presence on the web in a professional manner. We are compliant on all fronts, and our strong open source community maintains security testing and fixes constantly.

Show your professionalism, show your value to visitors who want to learn more about why they should join? Why they should become a member, and what you can do for them. Gather 'leads' like the professional organization you are, ad with the integration to our CRM, follow up like a pro. Adding members makes you stronger, and the web is probably the first place someone in your industry who is looking to get more out of life will go. Be there for them, on the web.

Membership services comes in many forms. Our CMS provides a number of unique solutions to maintain a high level f service while making self-serve easy to do. While self-serve may not be ideal for older members, younger web-savvy users come to expect self-serve services at home, on the road, and at work. Whether it's an up to date calendar of events, meetings and training, ability to sign up, or reschedule themselves, look up past pension history or access their last years T4/T4a and pension statements. Our CMS integrates with all of the other services to make this easy for you and them.

Easy to maintain security groups makes it easy to restrict access to different types of content, different pages, and different sections of a single page (if needed). Add people to security groups so different people can maintain different parts of the website, without any worry about them messing up the whole site. Add smart workflow and you can even approve changes before they go live, to maintain a unified voice regardless of whether it is for public consumption, or members' communication.


How we work

Our designers, tech team, and project manager will get you a professional looking website up and running in as little as 30 days from start to finish. Have content and images ready? Know what you want? We might be able to get you live even quicker.

1 Needs & Design
2 Project
3 Live Build
4 Go

Self-Serve Websites for Unions and TPAs

We design, deploy and maintain your website. For both customer facing portions as well as member only pages and features. Our Microsoft based open source technology - CMS (Content Management System) has some of the most advanced features you will ever need. Workflow management, WYSIWYG editing, and inline navigation and module editing. Our platform is by far easier to use and more robust than any other open source CMS - especially WordPress.

Perfect Design

The template driven website ensure your pages look great, flow well and make it easy for visitors to build a positive relationship with your brand. Your blog (if you have one or want one) looks the same, feels the same and builds you up in the mind of your visitors. Members feel welcome and love the easy flow, the easy access to their information and with single-sign on enabled, they find it easy to use for self-serve.


The public facing portion integrates with our CRM and email marketing tools. While the member only section integrates fully with our pension reporting, membership management, accounting and learning management system.

Easy to use

One of the easiest to use and easiest to support from an administrative perspective you can have as much security and control over publishing content, maintaining content via refine security features and workflow, that's simple to use and easy to understand. Your learning department can maintain their own content, and if using our LMS, it automation features saves them hours while serving apprentices and members better.

Supporting Unions with Custom Software Solutions

We create customized, user-friendly, professional management and administration software for unions across the globe.

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