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Automate accounting processes for greater efficiency and accuracy.

Track and report on business performance with real-time financial data.

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Is It Time To Upgrade?

Signs that you have outgrown your current accounting software and need to upgrade to a modern solution.

  • You enter the same data into multiple systems. You spend countless hours importing/exporting data instead of working on more productive tasks.
  • You want to centralize all of your business data.
  • You print multiple manual cheques regularly
  • Member's Service has no access to the data the need to do their job well
  • You are worried about protecting your financial data and the lack of security features to prevent unauthorized access.
  • You are frustrated with the lack of real-time information.
  • You are unable to make well-informed decisions that drive business growth.
  • Member's retirement has been outsourced to a dreaded TPA
Benefits of a Custom Accounting Solution

Accounting and beyond.

Technology and digital applications are all around us, we use them daily to get tasks done more efficiency. Now is the opportunity to make accounting for your local less complicated, more automated and modern. Our solution is easy to increase automation and integration with every other department at your local. Your union can achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort.

Out of the box it is a "mid-market" accounting package with everything you need: GL, AP, AR, PO, payroll, taxes, etc. The exceptional add on that everyone needs is it has full API capabilities. And you can host it in the cloud, or have it on premise. Get everything you need out of a fully customizable accounting system with

Secure at it's core, you can keep your accounting behind the firewall, only allow accounting people to login. But with secure, modern API access you can free up the data other teams and departments need. No compromises.

image understands you have specific criteria that needs to be met with your accounting application especially compliance, taxes and reporting. No problem.

If you can explain it, we can code it! And we always account for allowing manual overrides when necessary.

  • Payroll
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Retirees payment processing
  • Integrated dues management


Digital Transformation

No more compromises.

No more outsourcing. A modern Fintech solution for you local's accounting functions. All Departments can participate.



Trust accounting. Day-to-day accounting. Pension and pensioner payment accounting. Other departments? Dues, dispatch, training and apprenticeship. We can handle them all. Separate or together? It depends on how you work and how you want to work. You can have as many departments, bank accounts, users as you want. Everyone gets access to the data they need, when they need it. Let us help you design the local of the future. It all starts with the right software.



Day to day data entry is reduced by using amazing add-ons. Because it integrates with nearly everything and everything, we can securely connect solutions to reduce data entry - no more tedium, reduce errors, increase or maintain security, improve reporting.


Easy to Use

Members can access a lot of self-serve options with our customized, integrated Member Portal. Each department can manage their data while ac counting and finance has access to the bank accounts and financial transactions. All in real time, so the other departments can do their jobs better, faster smarter - serving members instead of focused on paperwork.

A Custom Accounting Solution takes the tedious and confusing work out of the user's hands and minds, using the right technology tool for the job.’s Custom Accounting Solution uses the appropriate technology for the appropriate workload.

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Nearly Paperless!

Our goal is to take you 100% paperless. While you might not be ready for it today, we help you set this "ideal" situation in your sight. We can show you how this can be a reality. Its a different way of working. it's a different way of thinking.

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Accounting First.

The problem with legacy systems, outsourced TPAs and trying to build your own (or assemble your own) is that everything done at the union, at the local, in the office and on the worksite all leads back to the need for proper accounting.

It's all about data and money, which is accounting.

We understand this. We want to make self-administration the defacto was locals serve their members... and it all has to start with proper accounting.

We get accounting, we get databases, fintech, cloud computing, AI, mobile, voice, and can see where you are going, even if you cannot. We give you a great base of tools to start with (accounting, pension, membership management, document management, member self-serve portal, mobile apps and tools, etc.) and codify your local's unique and immutable plan rules. If you can explain it, we can code the rules, while allowing for manual overrides in certain cases, on an ad-hoc, emergency, or priority case management situations.

Once loaded and set, they are easily auditable. Trace a single transaction from employer to collective bargaining agreement (CBA) to bank account to pensioner retirement payment. Your board of trustees want to make a change to the plan text? To the retirement rules, eligibility for any other department? No problem. Just change the rule, test, run parallel, and set to live. It's even easy to back data plan changes and CBA changes. 

Reconciliation with the bank, the trust, the employers, and members statements has never been easier.

Improve efficiency, leverage tech, and provide better member experiences with modern accounting services and innovative self-serve and API enabled solutions available any time, anywhere.

  • General ledger
  • Communications
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Multi-Currency
  • Inventory/Assets
  • Point of Sale
  • Purchase History
  • Purchase Orders
  • Requisitions
  • Dues History
  • User Defined Fields

Perfect Solutions For Your Union!

Technology Transformation doesn’t happen overnight, and there’s often more than one squeaky wheel. When you’re searching for the right solution, we recommend working with an expert who understands what you’re going through and speaks your language. There’s no prep work required on your part. We’ll find a time that fits your schedule and take about 60 minutes to familiarize you with your current situation.

With the knowledge you gain, you’ll be better equipped to ask questions that are specific to your needs and environment. And with the knowledge we gain, we may be able to provide some solutions that will fit your needs.

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