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Your Members voiced their opinions and elected you to your current position. They trust that you represent them as a person and a union. They believe that you will make the right decisions and steer the union in the right direction moving forward.

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Digital technologies are enabling radical new ways to deliver value to customers, altering competitive landscapes, and changing the underlying economics of markets.

We believe that every business must eventually transform for tomorrow in order to seize the opportunities waiting. Maintaining legacy systems with built-in features is no longer enough – total transformation is required.

From a single operating system, you can exceed member expectations and build stronger relationships. With a PRS application, you can connect your administrative team to members on a deeper level. PRS uses market-leading technology and intelligence, capable of helping you easily organize data, retire faster, and deliver unparalleled member service. Basically, everything you need to serve and build deeper relationships with your union brothers and sisters.

The only way we’ll stay relevant is to adapt quickly and evolve with the world and technology. A complete digital transformation is all about making the process as easy as possible for members and staff. The result?


Staff are able to work at a higher level, serving members better instead of wasting days away printing, copying and inputting data.


Members have transparency when it comes to their retirement, have the power of self-serve and have more contributed to their pension rather than spent on a TPA.


Reduce risk and start saving money while eliminating the use of paper.

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We have simplified the process for you, there’s no more work to be done.

As technology change increases, industries will continue to be forced to change. Corporations that regard and pursue digital transformation in a multi-dimensional way will find greater success than those that don’t.


Corporations that know how to reach and leverage this innovation efficiently, particularly from new sources, are reaping the benefits of new growth.


Valuable new ways to reinvent processes throughout the corporation with the goal of lowering costs, reducing cycle times, or increasing quality.

Business Model

Business model transformations are aimed at the fundamental building blocks of how value is delivered in the industry.

Cultural/ Organizational

Full, long-term digital transformation requires redefining organizational mindsets, processes, and talent & capabilities for the digital world. Best-in-class corporations recognize digital requires agile workflows, a bias toward testing and learning, decentralized decision-making, and a greater reliance on business ecosystems.

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