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Membership Management to Grow Membership & Boost Participation

One application to rule them all. (Sorry for the Lord of the Rings reference.) A fully integrated Membership Management platform simplifies your life in so many ways. What if you could change a data point and it updates all other systems? Keep up to date member info and have every system integrated and talking to one another.

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Your Custom Membership Management App Awaits

Grow Membership & Increase Participation. Go digital and successfully manage members with ease.

While some locals survive day-to-day member services for now with digital add-ons and running generic Membership Management Systems, the forward-thinking unions will move to our system built for union locals. We call it Membership Relationship Management (MRM) and allows members services to quickly and easily access all necessary information. With the integration into health and welfare benefits solution, pension management and reporting, dispatch, learning and apprenticeship, accounting and finance, and the member portal. You can provide as much or as little information you want all on one screen. The same information is accessible on the member self serve portal. Fully integrated means fully up to date. 

Are you ready to transform for tomorrow? The time is now.

Configurable Membership Management integrated makes all notes, open cases, issues and member focused needs accessible all in one place. See when the members last contacted the member's service department, for what, and who assisted them. Rate calls and follow up on all open issues. Managers will love our reporting and automation.

Benefits of a Custom Membership Management App

Give your union the modern edge.

Your members are the heart of your operations. Technology and digital applications are all around us, we use them daily to get tasks done quicker and with more efficiency. Now is the opportunity to make Membership Management simple and easy so that your union can achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort. Through better, easier communication you can continue to work towards the advancement of your member interests.

Get everything you need out of a fully custom, fully integrated, Membership Management with

image understands you have specific criteria that needs to be met with your Membership Management application including documents, dues, grievances, arbitrations, complaints, and claims, etc. If our system does not already handle what you require, it's easy to configure so you do not have to change the way you do things, you can have the software reflect your special way of handling members requests.

If you can explain it, we can code it!

  • Call management and tracing
  • Dispatch, training, health and welfare, pension
  • Many outbound communication automations
  • Identity management for maximum security


Digital Transformation

Younger Members Demand Technology.

Give them the experience they expect.



Your workflow your way. Each process within your local can be changed and improved with or without our assistance. Need more information, need less steps? No problem.



Fully integrated with every other department. All of the information you need is one or two clicks away from the member's home screen.


Easy to Use

We take self-serve serious. We also take member services seriously. Both you and your members have access and the ability to update all important data as needed. Securely, with approvals and validation before saving. Auditable, verifiable and easily corrected when mistakes are made or discovered.

Frontline union staff are the gateway to important member details. Give them the tools they need to manage calls and update information.

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The Perfect Membership Management Your Union Demands!

While it might not be perfect yet, by adding and integrating all of the other available modules you will be surely impressed it does everything you need. If it does not we will work with you to make sure it does. Most customization and configurations are included in the monthly cost. No more scope creep. No more software that does 75% of what you need. No more spreadsheets, no more gathering data from disparate systems for management, board, and member reporting. Its all under one roof now.

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Integration is the key to member satisfaction.

We all know members can be demanding. They have busy lives, work is hard. Our software was built by a team of union specialists that truly know what unions need and how unions work. We work with the best in the business - YOU - to make the software exceptional. Data at your fingertips. Transparent and readily accessible.

Plan rules for all departments are baked into our workflow, reporting and member services. Inline training videos, popup best practice notes and hints are spread throughout. Onboarding new service staff is easier than ever.

If you can explain it, we can code the rules, the workflow, while allowing for manual overrides in certain cases. Members expectations of turn-around times simplified paperwork (none in most cases), on an ad-hoc, emergency, or back to work priory case load cam be handled by "all-hands-on-deck" processes that are now software supported.

Improve efficiency, leverage tech, and provide better member experiences with modern dispatch services available any time, anywhere.

  • Electronic signatures
  • Data at your fingertips
  • Member statuses across modules-Health, pension...
  • Dispatch, training, certifications
  • Track all member communications
  • Alerts and workflow reminders
  • Full audit trail of changes
  • All Member Documents in once spot
  • Member pension statements, health hour bank
  • Documents and member specific reports - statements for instance
  • Employee self-serve portal

Perfect Solutions For Your Union!

Technology Transformation doesn’t happen overnight, and there’s often more than one squeaky wheel. When you’re searching for the right solution, we recommend working with an expert who understands what you’re going through and speaks your language. There’s no prep work required on your part. We’ll find a time that fits your schedule and take about 60 minutes to familiarize you with your current situation.

With the knowledge you gain, you’ll be better equipped to ask questions that are specific to your needs and environment. And with the knowledge we gain, we may be able to provide some solutions that will fit your needs.

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