Instant Retirement: Modern Pension Management

Once setup and running your members will no longer need to wait months for retiremnet approval and payments. Our simple three step process of our modern pension reporting system and pension payment module, intergated with our modern accounting sofwtare will have your memebrs wonder why it used to take months to retire. What is going behind the "administratiion curtain"? Seemless, transparent and accurate cloud computeing and data management makes this a reality. Today. Now.

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Digital transformation is already occurring in your trade, your members are keeping up, why isn't your pension department and pension software keeping up?

Let us help you enable radical new ways to deliver value to members, altering your competitive landscape, and changing the underlying economics of their future and your local's future.

We believe that every local must eventually transform for tomorrow in order to seize the opportunities waiting. Maintaining legacy systems with built-in features is no longer enough – total transformation is required. Outsourcing to TPAs (foreign and domestically owned) is no longer cost effective. Their service delivery model has not changed must in the last 30 years. These things are holding you back.

From a single solution you can exceed member expectations by delivering additional (expected?) services 10 times faster, with less mistakes. We believe comrades should be serving comrades. With modern software, a member service focused culture, and training we take you from a and outdated (outsourced) dependency to a command and control, member focused service delivery local.

Our integrated PRS (pension reporting system) uses market-leading technology and intelligence, capable of helping you easily organize data, retire faster, and deliver unparalleled member service. Basically, everything you need to serve and build deeper relationships with your union brothers and sisters.

The only way to stay relevant is to adapt quickly and evolve with the world and technology. A complete digital transformation is all about making the process as easy as possible for members and staff. The result?


Staff are able to work at a higher level, serving members better instead of wasting days away printing, copying and inputting data.


Members have transparency when it comes to their retirement, have the power of self-serve and have more contributed to their pension rather than spent on a TPA.


Reduce risk and start saving money while eliminating the use of paper.


For many change is painful. We support you and your members through the change

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We have simplified the process for you, there’s no more work to be done.

TPAs say they investing millions in technology but most of the changes are benefiting the TPAs, not the members. Let us help transform your pension service department. With an emphasis on service - member service.

Our product road map will blow your mind.


Once your department goes digital  - committing to the use of technology to serve members, to be the master of the technology, as a team: the domain of what and how you provide pension services changes. You cannot do this with old technology nor with a TPA.


Domain transformation is the switch or change from what is typically viewed by your members in this department to being much more than anyone could ever image. Providing services and solutions to your member's needs that did not know they wanted/needed.

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact with our team, or call (902) 802-2154.

Change Your Business Model

Your local exists for one reason: the advancement of the member's interest.

Your pension department exists for one reason: success in retirement.

Our team, our software, and our training is designed to augment both. We lay out and teach you and your staff (and your members if you like) how to employ the latest technology to keep more money in the plan, stop paying additional consulting fees, speed up member's life transitions and make everyone's life easier. It all starts with our PRS (pension reporting system) and end with happy members being served by their comrades.

Call us today: It’s your opportunity to discuss what’s challenging you face in your pension department and see if a free session with an Manager can give you the answers you’re looking for.

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