Upgrade Your AS/400 Or Legacy System With Union.Dev Software

Systems like the AS/400 are perfectly suited for a bygone era. We now live in a world that works in the cloud.

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Adapt and Implement Quickly.
Stay Relevant.

The internet, cloud computing and smart phones are changing the way we do everything. Faxes, paper based forms, and 'wet signatures' are becoming a thing of the past. Don't get left behind using outdated methods.

"At Union.Dev we have added a whole new level of agility to union locals, they can adapt to changes – effortlessly." 




We've designed a modern, cloud-based system that in fully integrated.


Updates, integrated data, and simple processes are now the norm.


Instant data at your fingertips is the best way to serve members.


With no extra or hidden costs, take no risk when upgrading with Union.dev

Numerous Unions In North America Are Still Running An AS/400 For Pension Reporting And Administration.

We have migrated thousands of member records from old legacy AS-400 systems and databases. Union.dev is now offering a free(1) upgrade from an outdated system like the AS/400, with a no risk guarantee. We move you to the cloud for free(1).

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"What used to take us weeks to reconcile and prepare for statements now take a few hours. Year end member dislosure statements are attractive, easy to read and digitally available to members viai the web or from our mobile pension application. Reporting is a breeze, no more dot matrix printers." 

After Upgrading from an AS400

Want A Free Upgrade - With No Risk?

Step One

Get Your Data in Order

We start with a simple NDA to get us started. We typically will start with the pension data. We work with you to migrate all data and departments in due course.

Step Two

Simplify Your Processes

Union.dev will work with you (and other trusted partners) to apply Union, Local and Plan specific rules. Its easy to do and once set, easy to use and easy to change - as needed.

Step Three

Test, Train, Go Live

Staff will be trained on how to use the software while we run parallel with your current system, testing to make sure it lives up to your standards and only go live when you are completely satisfied.


No upfront costs for implementation required(1). We will take all of your data and groom it for your new system.


We white-label and configure your unique local and plan rules - users and members see branded software with your union brand.


We run in parallel with your current system for 1-3 months to ensure everything is working perfectly before we go live.


We will consult with you to ensure that it suits your current budget so you don't need to upsell anything to the board.


A low monthly, per member, licensing fee is the only thing you pay - once we go-live.


You are taking zero risk. If the system does not live up to your standard, you pay nothing.


How much money you could be saving your union every year on pension administration ?

Find out how much money you will save every year on pension administration with our Pension Administration Calculator. Tell us how many members and what features you want.

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Get a head start on getting data ready for your new system.

Most engagements for upgrade include 14 different sets of data. We can provide you with 14 different spreadsheets to get the process started. Assemble the 14 data sets and we can easily import the data. Today

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Start With A Brief Introductory Call

Don’t settle for the traditional options of serving your members. Outsourcing to a TPA is not the answer. A free upgarde is(1).

Our team is here to help you understand what you need to build the service level you want for your members. Take the first step: start with a brief introductory call with a Union.dev Advisor. It’s your opportunity to discuss what’s challenging you most in your organization and see if a free session with an Union.dev-Certified Developer can give you the answers you’re looking for.