What is Union OS?

Union OS is an online solution for union reporting and management. It gives all your departments — including pension, dispatch, accounting, and training and apprenticeship — a shared view of your members with one operating system.

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We bring members and unions together into the modern era of technology.

Union.dev provides custom software solutions to unions across north America. Every union operates differently, has its own rules, regulations and processes. At Union.dev, we fully understand this and accommodate to these needs by creating 100% customized systems to digitally transform your union.

Smarter and faster processes.
  • Understand better your members’ needs and concerns
  • Automate redundant tasks and admin work
  • Increase union productivity
Better support every member.
  • Improve agent response time
  • Manage every channel from one view
  • Deliver continuous innovations for members
Simple apps for every role.
  • Integrate member data from any source
  • Connect apps and data with prebuilt components
  • Trigger messages based on member actions

Get a single, shared view of every member in one integrated platform.

Your union runs on interconnected systems - Union OS provides better solutions for those systems so your union works as an integrated whole.

By Using Unions OS, You Can:

  • Work together with a shared view of every member
  • Personalize your member experiences
  • Boost productivity using automation, enablement, and insights
  • Scale and tailor for any size union in any industry
  • Keep your data secure on a proven, trusted operating system

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Don’t settle for the traditional options of serving your members and administering your pension plan. No more TPAs and no more long paper based retirement cycles. Take the first step today.

Our team is here to help you understand what you need to build the service level you want for your members. Take the first step: Start with a brief introductory call with a Union.dev Advisor. It’s your opportunity to discuss what’s challenging you most in your organization and see if a free session with an Union.dev-Certified Developer can give you the answers you’re looking for.

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