Union Help Desk & Ticketing Software

The only help desk and ticketing system for trade unions.

Finally, a way to help and serve your members that actually works. Union.Dev's ticketing and help desk is the only platform built specifically with multi-employer trade unions in mind. Efficient and flexible, help your teams help your members faster.

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Union Software | union management software | helpdesk and ticketing system for trade unions

Interact and serve your members through modern channels - or risk not interacting with them at all

Your members preferred way to interact, professionally and socially - whether you want to admit it or not - is through instant access always on platforms.

You need to start showing your members you care by serving them the way they need deserve to be served, or you'll lose them.

Leverage a centralized help desk to automate tickets and add efficiency to your service teams.

Union.Dev’s ticketing tools include support tracking features to create efficiencies so your team spends less time on help desk management and manual data entry, and more time helping members succeed.

When a member fills out a form, sends an email, or reaches out through live chat, Tickets can automatically create a ticket based on who it’s from and add the source of the message, and route it to the right person on your team for help.

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Union Software | union management software | helpdesk and ticketing system for trade unions

Stop using operational silos and crippling your union

The bigger a union gets, the further away its staff feel they are from the member. The difference between now and decades past is that, increasingly, members are expecting that ‘local coffee shop’ feel from every union, regardless of its size or the channel they choose to interact on.

Union Software | union management software | helpdesk and ticketing system for trade unions
Siloed processes are harming your members experiences with their union.

So let's get going on logging, organizing, and keeping track of tickets all in one place.

As your member base grows, it becomes easier to let member issues slip through the cracks. Emails get lost, spreadsheets become unmanageable, and members suffer.

With Union.Dev’s ticketing system, you can record, organize, and track all of your members’ issues in one dashboard that’s accessible to your entire member support team. You’ll never question the status of a ticket, where it is in the queue, or how long it took to get resolved.

Then, keep track of key support metrics like agent response time, ticket volume, and more so you can effectively manage member demand, coach your support team to be successful, and ultimately provide a better member experience.

Prioritize requests so critical tickets get resolved faster.

Any support team knows that not all member support tickets are equally urgent. With Union.Dev’s help desk tools, you can prioritize requests so your team can tackle the most critical issues first.

Quickly assign owners and stages to individual tickets, and unionOS will organize them into a personalized pipeline of work for each member of your team.

Tickets also feature helpful information about members'' history, service issues, and more so your team has all the right context to deliver helpful, personalized support to each and every member - faster.

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Union Software | union management software | helpdesk and ticketing system for trade unions

Resolve issues faster and exceed expectations with integrated help desk tools

Staff Support Tracking

Internal support requests are handled just as easily as external, or member requests. Track them, resolve them and continuously build better FAQs and onboard processes based upon ticket frequency, and easy step by step answers.

Member Support Tracking

Want to know what members are engaging with your member services? What are the main issues? What issues take the longest to resolve The union ticket system will easily answer these questions and more.

Contractor Support Tracking

Trying to keep track of all contractor requests, whether it's for market recover, dispatch, grievances and payment reconciliations? No matter the reason, track and resolve issues with your key, and signatory companies. Reporting is a breeze, especially where a paper and audit trail is important.

Union Software | union management software | helpdesk and ticketing system for trade unions
Union Software | union management software | helpdesk and ticketing system for trade unions
Self-Serve Member Portal

Members and contractors alike can create and track their own tickets. All requests through the self-serve port, or mobile app are tracked in the same system. One system, multiple users, multiple uses. Reduce phone calls and increase satisfaction.

Multi-Channel Support Options

UnionOS help desk and ticketing system is flexible enough to support all current communication channels as well as future proofed. By using modern cloud computing, API technology and extensible database design, we can support any customization and integration imaginable.

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A help desk is a centralized tool for managing incoming member issues. The help desk lets you organize and record ongoing member issues and provides a reference point for your member-facing teams. Help desks also let you track efficiency metrics to manage the performance of your member-facing team—things like response time, ticket volume, first resolution time, and how many tickets are in which stage of resolution.

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If you’re already using a help desk, implementation time may vary based on factors like data migration and the complexity or amount of data you have to move over. For unions that have never used a help desk, the implementation time is much shorter—the only thing you need to set up is access for your team and their specific role.