Pension Reporting Services (PRS)

We support an unlimited number of past members, non-members and members of various statuses. From plans with less than 100 active members to plans with thousands of active members, and billions of dollars under advisement. We are confident you will love the simplicity of our pension reporting system.

Custom Solution

We understand that everyone is unique, and we tailor our solutions accordingly. We work with you and your team to convert and digest your data, transition your plan and rules, run in parallel to get comfortable and then go live and serve your membership.

Fully Integrated

A complete suite of software to run your pension accounting and reporting, fully integrated with all of our software solutions to provide a seamless transition from touch-point to touch-point. Say goodbye to human error and embrace the perfection of modern software.

SaaS or On-Premise

SaaS or Software as a Service is the easiest model for us to deploy and support, we also provide on-premise if required. We use MS Azure for hosted solutions, and typically run MS Server 2016/2019 using IIS, and the robust MS SQL 2017/2019.

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Why Choose Us

We have nearly 10 years of corporate work on pension systems. We have built our latest version from the ground up using the latest programming techniques and technology. We support single unions, so they can run their own system as well as TPAs who support and service many union pension plans.

We know every pension plan has different rules and requirements to serve their members, and these are always subject to change to better serve the membership as a whole. We ensure that the PRS reflects these needs as they evolve. No restrictions, no problems. If you can explain, we can code it.

Our pension reporting system is design to ingest data from multiple sources, even excel and CSV if needed. Our software talks with multiple accounting packages, banking applications and payment processors. We integrate with secure online file storage, secure online signature guarantors as well as health and benefits plan administration software, member portals software as well as many of the leading union membership software.

Our software supports desktop, mobile and tablet displays. We use modern, responsive HTML and CSS to make sure you're always able to access the information when you need it. Integrated with our customer/member portal, your members will also have access to real-time data.

We use best practices out of the box, such as SSL 256 bit encryption, and MS Azure's latest security profiles for data storage, server access and the like. We filter access by IP, to provide office only access as well as integrate with Active Directory to enforce policy and profile management at the server and domain level. You let us know what you want, and we will deploy it your way.

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How We Work

At the root of it pension reporting is pretty straight forward and easy to understand. Our PRS is like a custom accounting package designed to record and report on each member's data. It starts the day they join until the day they are fully settled. Every member since the plan's inception including tombstone data.

1 We Track
All Contributions
2 All
3 Money In
+ Money Out
4 Summarize
Reconcile & Report

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  • “We would not be able to do the work we do for our customers without the PRS (Pension Reporting System) from union.dev.”
  • “The software is far more advanced than anything else we have ever seen in the market.”
  • “With their API our software integrate seamlessly with PRS (Pension Reporting System).”