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Why you should become a Cloud-Based, Paperless Union

The world is moving towards a cloud-based, paperless approach. When it comes to day-to-day business, organizations are no longer using filing systems or in-house data centers. They are inefficient and pose a ton of risk. Here are 8 advantages of going paperless.

Advantages of Going Paperless

1.    Get Instant Access from Anywhere, Anytime 
2.    Spend Less Time on Tedious Tasks
3.    Capture Data Automatically
4.    Speed up Processes (30 day to 1 day)
5.    Easily Customize Documents 
6.    Stay Compliant
7.    Save the Environment
8.    Keep Members Happy

1.    Get Instant Access from Anywhere, Anytime

We live in an age where acquiring and using information within seconds—not days—is the norm.

With electronic documents and workflow tools in the cloud, you can create and route documents and data that can reach the right people, right away, without manual intervention. It’s estimated that employees spend up to 30% of their time looking for paper documents. This time could be spent doing something much more valuable for members.
Text searching makes it simple and quick to find important documents instantly and allows you to distribute it to anyone who may need access given they have the proper security access.

2. Spend Less Time on Tedious Tasks

When you use software, everyone benefits. It is the intelligent management and routing of information through a business process or workflow to cut down on tedious administrative tasks in order to spend more time on customer service.

With process management software, you can build business rules to route, distribute, and store electronic documents, reports and other data. You can also collaborate with colleagues or customers by sharing documents digitally so they can be reviewed, edited, and saved.

3. Capture Data Automatically

Using web-based technology to collect and exchange information improves data quality and speeds up the process of collecting it.

Digitally captured data is more reliable and means access to better information, faster turnaround, and much lower costs because pre-printed forms and mailing expenses can be eliminated. In addition, inbound data can be integrated with back-end applications, and custom forms or documents can be generated from applications automatically, eliminating manual processing.

4. Speed up Processes (30 day to 1 day)

Companies utilize electronic signature solutions to speed up approval pro­cesses for external and internal documents.

Electronic documents can be signed digitally and routed for the next step quickly, reliably, and securely. This can speed up member transitions, payments, contracts, and much more. Members should not have to wait 30-90 days to transition from working to retirement or wait to go on disability.

5. Easily Customize Documents

People want documents to meet their unique needs. Electronic document management systems and e-forms solutions allow you to create personalized electronic or paper-based forms and reports to fit specific union formats and follow unique processes. Your files can also be set to be split, formatted, distributed, and archived automatically.

6. Stay Compliant

These days, regulations such as HIPAA and SOX require companies to take documented measures to maintain data confidentiality and integrity.

Paper-based systems make tracking and managing data more difficult and expensive than electronic-based systems. Electronic document management systems can provide an audit trail of when documents are received or sent. Built-in security prevents unauthorized access, maintaining data confidentiality and keeping everyone secure.

7. Save the Environment

The world has begun to see the value in going green. This means reducing our carbon footprint wherever we can. With global warming and excessive CO2 polluting the environment we need to act now in order to get ahead of this.

Going paperless is a great way to cut down on emissions and reduce deforestation. We have the technology. Let’s use it.

8. Keep Members Happy

The world is shifting, and many customers prefer self-service over calling in to the office and waiting for an administrator to find their files and mail them out. While we understand the need for phone and in-person services, the convenience of self service is a commodity that many members are starting to demand from their union.

You can securely provide key information to customers electronically, enabling them to inquire on their own when convenient. In fact, providing electronic access to all relevant data not only gives customers more accurate and complete information, it makes them happier and more loyal customers.

So, why go paperless?

Processes will become easier and more efficient, allowing you to cut costs and spend more time on what really matters. The member.


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