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Our union software offers one unified system for growing unions or third-party administrators, masterfully reimagined so you can focus on what matters. Forget the paperwork, the back-and-forth, and end-of-year admin pain - we've taken care of that.

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  • Choose your pension system
  • Dream up your union member database
  • Keep track of your apprentices
  • Process union member dues online
  • Starting training online
  • Manage your union employers
  • Dispatch your union members
  • Track your grievances with grievance tracking software
  • Solve union member issues with ticketing
  • Get reporting

It's Easy to Get Started

Seamless implementation of your organization's processes, rules and bargaining agreements lets your team and members easily jump in and start using any of our union solutions.

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Union solutions for member management and pension administration



Our best-in-class data import structure ensures an efficient transition from any data format to your new system.



Simple systems and an effortless user experience eliminates uncertainty. We customize the system to fit your workflows.



Rigorous data testing, parallel system testing, and consistent project oversight to ensure smooth implementations.

Systems Automation

Make the day easier

Whether you're processing dues, entering remittances, dispatching jobs or updating member files, Union OS is the union management software that helps you get it done. Discover streamlined features built for every way you work.

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easily import member information to your union management system with excel

Pension administration software helps transition union defined benefit plan members from active to retired with just a few clicks

Pension Reporting System

Invest in your members' future

Pension OS is a powerful pension administration tool that keeps track of members and pensioners in a secure, easy to navigate database - even the newest member of the team can jump in and start working.

Pension for unionsPension for TPAs

Power to members

The hub for members

Members can access their profile, make changes (with approval, of course), review agreements, and find important contacts. Stay connected with Member Portal.

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union member checking their member portal for information on dues, union events, ticketing, grievances and pension vesting details

Trusted and powering unions like

Union software trusted by Canadian, Iron, Steel & Industrial Workers Union
Union software trusted by International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
Union software trusted by United Steelworkers
Union software trusted by International Union of Operating Engineers
Union software trusted by the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters
Union software trusted by Canadian Union of Public Employees

Start, scale and save

Simple and flexible features built for the ones that do it themselves, the teams that do it all, and the departments that want to improve. Empower your people with scalable union software.

Union solutions for dues processing, grievance and arbitration management, member information and more

Find the right fit

Explore the complete suite that connects every side of your union, or get help selecting the best features for your unique needs.

Union solutions for pension management


Choose Your Pension System

Track, transition, calculate and pay your members and pensioners with ease.

Union member database software

Member Database

Dream Up Your Database

Easily search and sort through your members. Keeping each file secure and up to date with all of their latest info.

Union software for apprenticeships

Hour Bank Benefit Plans

Keep Track of Your Hour Bank Benefits

Track all of your members incoming hours and automatically manage their hour bank. Let members track hours in the portal and self-pay online.

Union software for Dues


Process Dues Online

Let members pay online with online payments. Automated billing notifications to save time and keep everyone on track.

Labor union software with member training


Start Training Online

Enroll in online courses and in person events. Take online test/quizzes. Make it easy for members to access and sign up for events.

Union software to manage contractors


Manage Your Employers

Let your union employers remit with ease in our employer portal.

Union management software with dispatch


Dispatch Your Members

Real-time job dispatch from wherever you are. Take the stress out of dispatch with automated notifications, real time tracking and a mobile friendly design.

Union software for grievances


Track Your Grievances

It's easy to build trust with members and provide transparency the whole way. Members can create and track grievances as it is escalated or resolved.

Labor union software with ticketing


Solve Issues With Ticketing

Track all of your tickets and whether they are overdue or not. Making sure every member is happy and their requests are tracked and completed on time.

Union software reporting


Get Reporting

Access reports with the click of a button. Allowing administrators to generate daily, weekly, monthly, or year-end reports based on any relevant information stored in the system.

Help protect your users and data

Our labor union management software takes advantage of multi-layered security provided by Microsoft across physical data centers, infrastructure and operations in Azure.

Gain from the state-of-the-art security delivered in Azure data centers globally. Rely on a cloud that is built with customized hardware, has security controls integrated into the hardware and firmware components, plus added protections against threats.

Microsoft gives us access to a team of more than 3,500 global cybersecurity experts that work together to help safeguard your business assets and data in Azure.

Secure, thanks to Microsoft Azure

Identity and Access Management

Information Protection

Threat Protection

Security Management

Who is our union software for?

Union software for unions of any size. user-friendly features for efficient membership management, benefits administration, and seamless communication."

Small to Large, This Software is Made for Unions

Customizable, clear and affordable options you can manage yourselves, with simple and flexible features built for a team of any size. Show you care with a labor union software that empowers teams.

pension administration software for third party administrators of defined benefit plans

Streamline operations, reduce costs, and create a better experience

Pension OS is the world's most advanced solution for providing pension administration for Defined Benefit (DB) or Defined Contribution (DC) multi-employer pension plans.

Member portal interface showcasing intuitive tools for updating personal information, accessing statements, making online payments, exploring job opportunities, and engaging in online learning within the union platform

Give the power to your members - they deserve it

Members can take ownership of their accounts. Gain access to important documents, update basic info, communicate with you, sign up for new jobs, take courses and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've developed comprehensive union solutions with features to suit every single need of unions and their members.

Where is the data stored?

We use Microsoft Cloud Servers across North America. We choose the cloud server closest to you. See the list of possibilities here.

Are there any additional costs?

There are no additional costs outside of the one-time implementation fee and the monthly licensing fee. The licensing fee covers everything from support, maintenance, security, hosting, unlimited upgrades, and staff training. Think of us as an all inclusive resort. If you are a paying client, we will do everything in our power to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Can different users have different permissions?

Yes. User permissions are customized at the implementation phase.

What if we get stuck after the initial training? Or hire a new staff member?

Part of the all-inclusive model is the training aspect. As a Union.dev client you have access to unlimited support and training. If you need help with something simple, shoot us an email or give us a call and our dedicated team will help you to quickly get the job done. If you onboard a new staff member, let us know and we can schedule some training. We even go as far as doing "train the trainer" training so your staff will have the abilities to train new employees.

Can we automate parts of the system?

We work closely with the client to automate parts of their jobs that simply waste too much time. The system can be automated in nearly every module, and many clients request additional automations down the road once they are comfortable using the system so they can spend less time doing tedious work and more time catering to the members! If you want something changed down the line, let us know and we will get it done!

Can you integrate with our current systems?

We can integrate any modern system into ours with an Application Programming Interface (API). This includes accounting packages, union software, and any modern systems you run in your office. The end goal of Union OS is to be the only system you need, but if there is something you absolutely need to integrate with, we can do it.

How often is our data saved?

The  backup schedule with a standard license is once a day. If you would like to backup your data on a more frequent basis, please see the pricing for additional daily backups in the Hosting Agreement.

Didn't find an answer?

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invest in your union members future with modern software

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