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Streamline day-to-day processes with our union software, and keep member files organized so you can focus on what's important. Serving Members.

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“Union OS has allowed me to spend less time doing tedious tasks where I always felt there was a better way. Now I spend most of my time working on stuff that matters and I enjoy work a lot more.” 
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Union Management and Benefits Administration Software from Union.dev
Union Management and Benefits Administration Software from Union.dev

Generate invoices, run reports, and get paid fast

Keep track of financials and member accounts with easy-to-use reports and dashboards. Make billing easy for your union with online payments, automated billing, and customized plans for members and contractors.

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Attract new members, constantly communicate with them, and help them join a modern union

Easy-to-use member signup forms, automated member communication - such as emails, reminders, and requests - and keep it all organized to capture every opportunity.

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Union Management and Benefits Administration Software from Union.dev

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Protect your clients’ information and firm’s data with industry-leading security.

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Union Management and Benefits Administration Software from Union.dev

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Frequently Asked Questions

Union management software is a complete union management system that helps unions manage day-to-day workflows and business operations within their union. Union management software allows firms to manage members, cases, contacts, jobs, documents, contractors, dues, payments, accounting, benefits and more.

While there are a number of enterprise software options available, union management software is designed to suit the unique needs of trade unions. Not only is union software made specifically for union workflows, it is often vetted to ensure that it complies with rules of conduct in the union world.

Cloud-based union software (also referred to as web-based or software as a service (SaaS)) embodies the new software model that has emerged with modern internet technologies. Cloud-based legal practice management software is accessed through a web browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge. Much like using Google’s Gmail, Dropbox, or an Amazon shopping cart, data is stored in the vendor’s database instead of on a local office computer. This means that as long as they have a valid username and password, firm staff can log in to their firm’s practice management software from virtually any web browser, regardless of whether they’re in the office, at home, or another remote location. This can offer several benefits in terms of the overall setup and maintenance costs, compatibility, usability, and security.

You can see why cloud-based union management software is preferable over on-premise solutions, which represent the more traditional software model. With on-premise union software, companies purchase licences for individual staff and then install the software from a disk or via download. The software runs on each individual’s computer, and all information is stored on that same computer. Since it’s important that information be shared and retained within the union, most unions will also network and back up data from individual computers to a central file server shared across the firm. This network is typically limited to a single local office, which means that staff need to be in the office to access, share, or back up data. To access the database from outside the office, a virtual private network (VPN) would need to be set up and maintained.

As busy union officers, you need to make sure your union management software has all the features you need to run your union effectively and efficiently. The core features you need are: member, document, job, and task management, billing, accounting, calendaring, online payments, and job dispatching with contractor access. Union OS includes all of these great features, and more. Learn more about Union OS, in-house benefits administration, and the additional value you will enjoy as a Union OS user.

Our Pension Reporting System (PRS) is the first ever platform that allows unions to self-administer their pension plan. Typically unions outsource this work to a TPA or run legacy systems in-house. PRS allows a union to serve their members with end-to-end pension administration with ease. PRS takes the tedious and tricky work out of pension administration and payment, and creates a seamless process so unions can focus on member service.

Cloud-based union software stores case and member information securely in the cloud. This allows union officers and employees to access key files and information, collaborate with colleagues, and share bills or information with members from anywhere. Good cloud-based union software is crucial for keeping your case information secure, backed-up, and safe.

Typically, unions use a variety of different technologies, including spreadsheet software, email software, and an accounting tool. Growing unions scale and become more efficient by making the most out of additional technologies that help with member management, job dispatch, payment processing, and back-office efficiency.

The more tools you use, the more difficult it is to ensure consistency of information across them all, and to eliminate duplicate work. For this reason, many unions are switching to union management software that integrates with all their office tools to keep information consistent and ensure everything related to each case is available in one place. When this union management software is cloud-based, unions can also ensure details are accessible to those at the union who need to work with them.