Member Portal

A member portal your members actually use.

We have seen recent statistics where newly launched member portals for self serve has as little as 5%-7% usage. Why bother?

No More!

Our solution is so much more than "Build it and they will come". Typical implementations just aren't cutting it, there is not enough features, logging in is cumbersome, error prone and members remembering password or resetting passwords should not be their full time job. 

Ask us how we can get your numbers up.

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Your Custom Member Self-Serve Portal Awaits

Your members are going digital. Going mobile. Help them do it now.

While some organizations will survive for now with digital add-ons and running generic websites they call "self-serve portals", the forward-thinking unions/locals/leaders will move straight to reinventing their service model - at their root. They understand that future advantage will come from creating new value from digital technologies and digitally enabled business models, not from trying to protect current processes, antiquated as they might be in existing business, members, and service  models.

Are you ready to transform for tomorrow? The time is now.

The biggest problem with member's self serve portals are two fold:

  1. Your TPA does not want to share too much data with members because most of the time it's wrong. If you cannot share lots of data, then why would a member waste their time?
  2. Many times the TPAs infrastructure does not allow for modern integration of anything. They say they are upgrading, but in reality they either upgraded items that help them save time and money, while they charge you the same amount, or they simply upgraded their old AS400 and now have a 'modern' system that does not need to print to a dot matrix anymore. They still need faxes and mailout, because that's how they make money. No help to your members? Moving to mobile?  No way, not even on the radar, except for some health and welfare benefits and that's because the carriers and adjudicators are driving that.

Don't get us started...or us.

Benefits of a self-serve member portal

Give your union the edge.

Technology and digital applications are all around us, we use them daily to get tasks done quicker and with more efficiency. Banking, insurance, schools, communication, social gatherings, it's all been transformed by digital technologies. Now is the opportunity to make member service digital. Simple and easy so that your union can achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort - for your team and your members.

A member should have access to everything. Every thing they need. You decide, we make it happen. One you are familiar and comfortable, we simply step out of the way. 

We will continue to innovate, delivering more value with less waste, less time and greater value. Your staff go from rudimentary luddite tasks to high value amazing member services. Get everything you need out of a fully custom self-serve member portal with

image understands you have specific needs today, but most unions and local leaders cannot even fathom the level of service the latest technology can provide. Why? Everyone is busy in their trade, listening and growing their membership. Furthering and advancing the member's interests. Who has time to read about and find out what Bill Gates and Satya Nadella are building in their spare time?

We take the best technologies from every industry (we've see a lot) and put it all into one amazing solutions. A platform. A new way of operating union  locals. We call it Union OS or Operating System. Pay one monthly fee and get it all. Your member's will see a huge change, once we launch the member portal. It's easy for you - let's get started.

If you can explain it, we can code it! And we always account for starting small, allowing your members and staff to embrace the change, learn the technology and get ready for better member experiences. We include a huge amount of hand holding and training. In person, online, what-ever you need. 

Our portal can include:

  • Pension
  • Health and Welfare
  • Dispatch
  • Training
  • Enrollment
  • Dues and other payment management
  • Address, beneficiaries and defendant changes
  • Fully secure and auditable
  • Future proof FinTech solutions ready
  • API integration into any in-house or 3rd party
  • Plus so much more


Digital Transformation

No more excuses.

We use modern cloud based API technology that make all of these services available on the web as well as our mobile app. Soon to be available on so multiple emerging platforms.



Management of your self-serve member portal is easily customizable, and many features automatically turn on and off features based upon participation types, union classifications and statuses within each department. Member services in remote offices can use the portal to serve members better.



Instant, real time data, real time authorizations, paperless changes, auditable and notifications. member communication has never been so clear.


Easy to Use

Members and administrators alike will find the use and reporting so easy to use. Once they learn how to use a mouse, and a browser, they can use the member portal. Have a smart phone? Members can access the portal on their smart phone at any time.

Upgrade your member services team from data entry to added value services. With automation comes freedom and added value service. Proactive member services teams are teams that have time. They have time because the shit-work is performed by the system. No more tedium, no more spreadsheets, no more transcription errors. Think about it. What could your team do to better serve members if they had the tools to do the job. 

You fight hard for better working environments for your members, now let's put together an amazing working environment for your office staff. A job they dreamed of at least once in their life.’s custom self-serve member portal driven by the rest of or software and service offering will achieve this dream.

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The Perfect Self-Serve Member Portal Your Union Deserves!

While perfection might be different for each user, members and member services staff alike. We feel like you will see how the portal is as close to perfect as you can envision. Integrated with all of our other solutions - a member can support themselves throughout their complete adventure with your local. From enrollment, their first contribution to their pension plan, getting reimbursed or direct pay for a dentist appointment, to applying for retirement and getting their first payment. Got married? A new baby? Heavens forbid- a death in the family? The member now has the option to do all of this remotely, or they can call the wonderful staff at member services. Either way you are all looking at the same information, and using the same system.

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Turn them on turn them off. It's up to you.

We're talking about turning your members on to technology. An great portal with reasons to login, participate and easily find what they need is what we aim for.

Self serve is a way of life. As your members get more tech savvy you will easily be able to meet them where they are. Train them, help them, support them and show them the value of the system and they will be back over and over again. 

Need something unique to your union local? If you can explain it, we can build it. Have software your members love already? We integrate with them. Want mobile?  No problem. Want extra security, while making it easier to authenticate and prove it is the member accessing their data? No problem. Our technology can do this. 

Improve efficiency, leverage tech, and provide better member experiences and services - available any time, anywhere..

  • Single sign-on, MFA, NFC, Face recognition, SSL, VPN and more acronyms if needed
  • Change requests with approval workflows
  • Track and audit changes and requests
  • Track all member communications in one spot - push notifications, email, text (SMS) fax to email (ugh)
  • Members love it
  • Member services love it
  • Management loves it
  • Boards and trusted advisors love it
  • As well as Dispatch, Training (L&D), Finance, Accounting, Reception, other department...
  • Fully integrated with accounting and finance, online payments, banking changes - you decide

Internet connection required of course!

Perfect Solutions For Your Union!

Technology Transformation doesn’t happen overnight, and there’s often more than one squeaky wheel. When you’re searching for the right solution, we recommend working with an expert who understands what you’re going through and speaks your language. There’s no prep work required on your part. We’ll find a time that fits your schedule and take about 60 minutes to familiarize you with your current situation.

With the knowledge you gain, you’ll be better equipped to ask questions that are specific to your needs and environment. And with the knowledge we gain, we may be able to provide some solutions that will fit your needs.

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