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Your Union Needs a Modern Member Portal

The modern union looks a little different than what it did even a few years ago. They are more agile and are moving their data and processes away from spreadsheets and paper to cloud-based platforms that are much more efficient, feature-rich, and all-around more secure.

If you take a step back and look at the benefits of a modern member portal you can see it broken down into two sections. Let’s call these the front end and the back end.

The Front End (Member Facing)

“The Front End” is everything a member would be able to see and do when logging in to their member portal. This is what most people think of when talking about a member portal. 

Take our company, Union.dev for example. We have a modern member portal that is customized to each union based on their processes, but it comes stock with a bunch of features. Our portal gives members the ability to;

1. Update their basic info

Members can log in and change their address, email, phone number, beneficiaries, communication preferences, and more. Once they click save the union offices' records are instantly updated. Allowing everyone to work with the most up-to-date information possible.

2. Pay dues online

Albeit a simple feature, it is a great time-saver that many people don’t realize they need until they actually start using it. Members can pay through their online banking or with a credit card. They can even set up recurring payments so they can set it and forget it.

3. View past statements and communications from the union 

One secure location for all of your union communications. Allowing you to keep a record of every important piece of information in one place. Not to mention the ability to check your past pension statements.

4. Upload documents & E-Signatures

Let the member upload necessary documents right to the portal. Simply drag and drop the file and the admin team has instant access and it keeps everything organized under their member file. Or better yet, if the union needs the member to sign a document, they can request it in the portal. Allowing the member to put a virtual signature on it with ease. 

5. Apply for jobs

The job board allows members to login and view past, current, and upcoming jobs posted by the administrators. They can even opt-in to receive email and text messages about new job postings, so they never miss an opportunity.

6. Take courses & keep certifications up to date

Online learning allows members to take courses, earn certifications, and get notified in advance when courses or certifications are expiring.

7. Get support from union staff

The built-in helpdesk feature lets members chat with union staff in real-time, or simply submit a request for support. Ensuring their voice is heard and that their issue gets resolved.

These are just some of the great member-facing features of a modern member portal. Check out the admin side of things below to see where the true value of a member portal is.

The Back End (Admin Facing)

“The Back End” is the driving force behind the whole member portal operation. Without a good operator, it can fall by the wayside but used properly, it can be very powerful. Whether it is a sole operator running multiple departments or an entire team working in unison, our admin portal makes life easy so you can focus on serving the member.

Our portal gives union staff the ability to;

1. Access member information

Every detail about every member in an easy-to-use dashboard makes interactions with members running smoothly. Having everything you need to know in one centralized location.

2. Get real-time updates

Track every development in our audit timeline and see who made what change and when they did it. See new updates, documents uploaded, and more. Stay on top of every detail as it happens.

3. Manage dues & billing

Keep track of unpaid invoices, apply discounts or add automated interest to late payments while keeping a full history of each member's dues payments. Feel free to give them a nudge when they are getting behind or remind them of any upcoming payments.

4. Simplify statement creation

Easy-to-use templates customized to your specifications make for easy statement creation. Pull member info directly from their file and swiftly create member statements, mailouts, certificates, and anything else you need.

5. Communicate with members

Stay on top of your members with our communications module. Allowing admins to easily create communications sent to the members' inbox, email, and phone that look good and auto-populate fields based on the members' info.

6. Create custom reports

Any report you could ever imagine. The beauty of having all of the member info in one place means you can generate reports on literally everything. The system tracks it all, allowing you to pull reports from any level.

7. Post Jobs

Take the tedious work out of job dispatch with an administrator portal, member access portal, a contractor portal, and email & text notifications. Allowing your dispatcher to post a job and communicate it with your member base instantly. Track who opened the messages and follow up with those who didn’t.

8. Be an online instructor 

Easily set up online courses and send out invitations to members. Track progress, tests results, and certifications with online learning.

9. Simplify accounting practices

Simplify bookkeeping and payments, comply with trusted accounting regulations. Sync to our third-party accounting system.

10. Manage tasks

Assign and track tasks with notifications built-in. Report on task progress, identify roadblocks, and better manage productivity.

Now that you have seen what a modern member portal can do, what are you waiting for? Get your head out of the constant flow of spreadsheets, paper documents, and endless hours of tedious work and invest in a modern member portal. For you and your members.


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