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Pension Reporting System (PRS)

Stop outsourcing pension administration – take control of your plan

The cloud-based Pension Reporting System (PRS) that allows you to administer your defined benefit multi-employer pension plan in-house. Stop outsourcing or running legacy systems and become a plan of the future with PRS.

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End-to-end pension administration

From the moment a member joins the plan to the moment they retire, every single piece of information is stored in their member file. With this, administrators can process life transitions per the members request simply by clicking a few buttons. Our system does the work so you can focus on what’s important, the member.

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Member transitions – made quick & easy

Transition Processing

Transition a member from active working to retired with a click of a few buttons. Your admins will love the ease of use and quick turnover times. Transitioning your members from worksite to poolside in a matter of hours.

Generate Member Packages

With all of the necessary data at your fingertips, you can generate personalized member packages with ease.

Pension Calculations

Calculate benefit entitlements from raw data with our systems rule-based operations, taking the guess work out of pension administration and allowing you to focus on providing member service.

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Based on your plan rules

PRS is built to ingest your specific plan rules and run them behind-the-scenes. Only showing the information necessary for an administrator to easily process, transition, and pay a member their retirement.

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Reliable database structure

PRS organizes your information into subject-based groups to reduce redundant data. Providing access to the information it requires to join the necessary information together as needed. PRS helps support and ensure the accuracy and integrity of your information every step of the way.

Custom reports

Extracts and reports with the ability to customize to fit your exact needs.

100% accurate results

Consistency and accuracy are paramount when dealing with anyone’s pension. We pride ourselves on making this 100% accurate, 100% of the time.

A full audit trail

Real-Time Updates

Track every development in our audit timeline, and see who made what change and when. See new updates, document uploads, edits and more—so you can be on top of every detail as it happens.


Every action that is performed in the system is recorded and cannot be edited. This improves the way information is stored and protects the database against any threats.

Peace of Mind

Sleep tight knowing that there is a concrete audit trail of everything that happens within the system, every second of every day.

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More unionized jobs & money for pensioners

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More unionized jobs

PRS gives unions the means to create more union jobs in the office by bringing pension administration in-house rather than outsourcing it to a third-party administrator.

More money for pensioners

At the end of the day we can help put money back in every members pension year over year. Setting them up for retirement with the cost savings on PRS.

Member Service

Increase efficiency within the union with PRS by automating workflows and spend less time on tedious tasks. All while keeping members happy with a familiar voice on both ends.

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Typical process

Old Union Process is Dying

  • Pensioner requests a service
  • Manually processes documents, data and financials
  • Pensioner receives paperwork, fills out and mails back
  • Staff member signs off and physically mails process responses
  • Pensioner receives their retirement weeks/months later

PRS Process

  • Pensioner requests retirement from member portal
  • Union office is notified. They follow steps in the system
  • Retirement packages are virtually sent to pensioner
  • Administrator signs off
  • Pension is administered

Old Union Process is Dying

Faster Pension Payments

Once the data is verified, transitions can happen in a matter of minutes. Get pensioners paid without lag time.

Comprehensive Case Management

Stay organized, and manage your cases — from anyone, anywhere, anytime. Our case management functionality ensures every detail from every matter is captured along the way.

Information Organization

Keep information in the right place across your union by keeping member records in the member file.

Instant Access

All of a members documents under a single member file. Everything you need to know about a specific member all in one place

Advanced Document Management

Edit, store, and organize documents securely in the cloud. Reduce clutter and save time—no more filing cabinets or dated systems.

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Unlimited Document Storage

Store any file type—including text, excel, image, audio, and video.

Advanced Document Editing and e-Signatures

Work efficiently by directly editing documents in your favorite software, and saving them to in one click. Send documents for electronic signature right from—without printing, downloading, or scanning—and have them automatically saved.

Document Automation

Compile member documents with easy-to-use templates. Pull member information directly from their file and swiftly create member statements, mailouts, certificates and anything else you need.

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Get more than just software


Protect your clients’ information and firm’s data with industry-leading security.

Around the Clock Support

Get exceptional customer support from a team that’s dedicated to your success.

New Features

Our development team is constantly working on new features based on the feedback we receive from the unions we work with. Get instant access to these features as soon as we roll them out.

Mobile Text Alerts !NEW!

Break down the barriers to great member communications. Text updates, reminders, & jobs to your members with the click of a button. Get a 99% read rate with SMS built in to your Union Management System (Union OS) or Pension Reporting System (PRS).

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